My work is a reflection of the alchemy that happens when I chase the truth, the pain, and the beauty, in your soul and in the world all around us.

Right now, I am working on a nude series that celebrates the beauty of our bodies without pornographic corruption or religious hypocrisy.

It is a celebration of who we are physically without shame, judgment, or condemnation. 

I am currently based in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and available globally*

*Art in the Age of Covid has altered everying. 


The studio incorporates ©6DegreesofMuscleShoals, an entertainment company specializing in Promotion & Development, Branding, Public Relations & Concert Promotion. 

©6 Degrees of Muscle Shoals is based on the concept that every musician, singer, and songwriter, in the world can be connected to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the once and future Hit Recording Capital of the World, in 6 degrees of separation or less.